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About our ICT Strategy Services

Tier One  provides a broad range of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and business process consulting services.

Our focus is delivering quality business solutions and services to professional, commercial, industrial, education and government customers. Tier One aims to provide its services cost effectively and reliably, whilst also addressing the need for simplicity and quality customer service.

Strategy Services

We can assist organisations with having the right operational and/or technical strategy to do business effectively in an increasingly connected and global world.

Service include the following:

  • Solution & Vendor Selection
  • Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Process Development & Review
  • ICT policies & procedures

What we don't do

Tier One is not a Managed Service or IT Service provider. We work alongside existing in-house or contracted IT service professionals to deliver quality projects and outcomes. We then as appropriate can assist with documentation or handover of operational support for systems.

We also offer an ICT Auditing service which can be used to perform periodic heath checks or reviews of existing ICT infrastructure and systems

If you would some assistance with your upcoming project or even help defining it please get in touch.


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